I started my career at Harrods and have worked in a creative field from visual, marketing and store design for over two decades.

I love brand design and believe if you want a successful business it starts with a clear brand journey. Thats why our projects have a strategy-first approach.

We don't know each other yet, but every relationship has to start somewhere. Let's get to know each other!

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I'm Jacqui, the force behind J A Creative Studio.

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My essentials

I love to jot down all my ideas and refer back to them constantly.

My notebook

I love nature and start each day with a walk. An abundance of plants replicate that zen indoors.


Coffee is my staple throughout the day . . . but I never quite finish a whole cup.

Cup of Joe

Having product around me helps me get into your customers mindset.


I always have a Pantone book or colour swatch on hand! My fav colour right now is pink!

Colour guide

Rest is just as important as hustle. Early nights? Essential.

Investing in your business is crucial
for success and growth.

There is always time a coffee. That's how relationships are built.

I believe:




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